Nederlands Lidmaatschap

Als je lid wilt worden van Ceres moet je eerst de Verenigings Introductie Tijd (VIT) doorlopen. De VIT zal beginnen met een kamp, deze zal van maandag 26 t/m vrijdag 30 augustus plaatsvinden. Het kennismakingsweekend vindt plaats op 30 augustus t/m 1 september. Voor de zaaltijd moet je de hele week van 2 september vrijhouden. Tijdens deze week kun je wel gewoon colleges volgen maar zijn er nog een aantal activiteiten op de vereniging. Tijdens de VIT maak je op een eigentijdse manier kennis met de vereniging, haar leden en je jaargenoten. Voor vragen, meer informatie óf om je in te schrijven voor de VIT kun je terecht bij onze infobalie tijdens de AID.

International Membership

As an international student coming to Wageningen, you have made a wonderful choice for your new hometown. Despite being a small city, Wageningen never ceases to surprise when it comes to its dynamic and super lively student atmosphere. Especially during the Annual Introduction Days (AID), you may be overwhelmed with the amount of student associations and organizations that you can join. Of all of these, W.S.V. Ceres is the biggest and oldest student association, founded in 1878, with about 800 active members. W.S.V. Ceres has its very own association building right in the center of Wageningen: a mansion entirely maintained by and meant for our student members.

Being this old, Ceres upholds many very typical traditions that are still alive to this day. Some of these correspond with Dutch student traditions that have existed since the 16th century (this is when our oldest sister association was founded in Leiden). Indeed, our association is linked to all the oldest student associations located in other major student cities in the Netherlands. This also allows us to organize many big events reaching across the borders of Wageningen.

Therefore, to truly dive deep into what Wageningen’s student life has to offer, we gladly introduce to you the opportunity to join Ceres’ International Membership. This Membership does not tie you to any commitments: instead, it allows you to join some of our activities and traditions that are occurring at Ceres if you are interested in finding out more about the Dutch culture while making the most of your student life here in Wageningen!

Want to know more? Please approach us during the AID or send an email to: